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All Inclusive Disability CIC

Live the life, not the label ©

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Live the life, not the label ©

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Cerebral Palsy (CP) Awareness Workshop

All Inclusive has developed this workshop to increase knowledge and self-confidence around Cerebral Palsy. Led by Iain Speed, who lives with CP, this workshop offers a unique insight and, by reducing the fear factor, enables greater interaction with all disabilities.

Disability Awareness Workshop

Our Disability Awareness Workshop is designed to develop self-confidence, increase communication and improve customer care. We offer bespoke workshops, tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements. Our workshop facilitators are themselves disabled, giving an experiential feel to the day.

Through the Eyes of a Service User Workshop

This workshop takes a look at personalisation from a service user perspective, considering the theory and putting it into a practical context. We identify the key points that make a service truly person-centred. Spend a day walking in the shoes of a service user!

Personalised Support for Disabled People Workshop

This introductory workshop looks at the roles needed to be employed as a Personal Assistant, Work Assistant, Support Worker or Care Assistant to a disabled person when the disabled person is the employer. We will also cover safeguarding, disability myths and truths and basic food hygiene and Health & Safety.

Public Speaking and Lectures

Iain Speed, the Managing Director of All Inclusive, is available for public speaking. He has spoken at Trinity College, Oxford and Reading University, amongst others.

Previous clients include:

Hampshire County Council, Hamelin Trust, The Helping Hands Group, Winscombe Care Home and Cheviots Children’s Disability Services.